Board of Trustees Resolution on Diversity

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting held February 21, 1998


WHEREAS: Diversity enriches the educational experience through the exchange of different ideas, beliefs, and perspectives, and diversity promotes personal growth and a healthy society because it challenges stereotyped preconceptions; encourages critical thinking, helps students learn to communicate effectively with people of varied backgrounds; and

WHEREAS: Diversity strengthens communities; prepares students to become good citizens in an increasingly complex, pluralistic society; fosters mutual respect and teamwork; helps build communities whose members are judged by the quality of their character and contributions; and

WHEREAS: Diversity enhances the nation’s and the state’s economic competitiveness because it brings together individuals from varied and different backgrounds and cultures into the workplace; and

WHEREAS: The William Paterson University of New Jersey is a public university, and accepts as part of its mission the responsibility to address the needs of the diverse institutions and populations within its service area; therefore be it,

RESOLVED: That the Board of William Paterson University strongly reaffirms its support for
diversity among faculty, students, staff and programs, and commits everyone in the William Paterson University community, in their roles and responsibilities, to implement the University’s diversity initiatives, and maintain a climate of respect and tolerance as part of the institution’s commitment to educational quality.