WP 88.7 FM Named Best Radio Station in the Nation


For the third time in six years, the University’s student-run radio station WP 88.7 FM was named Best Radio Station in the Nation (among institutions with more than 10,000 students) by the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS). The station also won for Best Sports Pre- or Post-Game Show by students Mason Mills and Dylan Burns, and was a finalist in three other categories.

“I’m so proud of our students and absolutely thrilled that WP 88.7 FM is maintaining its reputation as the best station in the nation, winning these first-place awards” says Brave New Radio general manager Rob Quicke, professor of communication. “I congratulate all our students for putting their passion and talent into the station.”

Additionally, in IBS’s first year offering awards in the medium of video, WP-TV, the campus television station, was a finalist for four awards and won for Best Sports Report. The show featured students Wyatt Kalb, Dylan Burns, Justin McHugh, Chris Johnson, and Dante Vocaturo on WP Sports Desk.

"What distinguishes WP-TV is the fact that it is entirely student-produced, which means the participating students have a lot of breathing room to be as creative as they want to be in a self-motivated manner,” says Jamsheed Akrami, professor of communication and director of the television curriculum’s programming component. “Of course, there is also faculty and staff involvement, but in a supportive, mentoring role.”

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