Proposal and Award Management Handbook

This handbook provides resources and guidance across the life cycle of a sponsored project: from when an idea for a project begins to when we close the files.  The table of contents items will take users to that particular section of the handbook.  Users can either move around in the handbook or return to this page to locate other sections that may be helpful.

This is a living document. It will be updated regularly by the OSP as we identify new information to include or find better ways to express what is here.  We welcome and encourage users to provide feedback and suggestions about the document here.

Proposal and Award Management Handbook

I. Introduction
A. Statement of University Support
B. General Information on the OSP Mission, Goals and Objectives 
C. Sponsored Programs Glossary
D. Sponsored Awards Cycle
II. Proposal Development
A. Proposal Development
B. Budget Development
C. Multi-Institution Collaboration
III. Proposal Review and Submission
A. Review and Submission
B. Research Compliance at the Proposal Stage
C. Proposal Outcomes
IV. Award Negotiation and Project Set-up
A. Grants, Cooperative Agreements, and Contracts
B. Notice of Award
V. Post Award Non-Financial Management
A. Roles and Responsibilities in Grant Management
B. Prior Approvals
C. Issuing Subawards
D. Reporting
E. Records Management
VI. Post Award Financial Management
A. Purchases and Approvals
B. Reimbursement for Personal Expenditures
C. Monitoring Expenditures
D. Travel Related to Sponsored Projects
E. Hiring Grant Supported Personnel
F. Distribution of Indirect Costs
G. Closing out the Award
H. Audit Matters
VII. Compliance
A. Federal Wide Regulations
B. Responsible Conduct of Research
C. Conflict of Interest and Commitment
D. Institutional Review Board (IRB)
E. Effort Reporting
F. Other Applicable Policies

Project Management 

Cost Transfers:

Subrecipient Monitoring:

Fly America Act:

Close-Out Best Practices:

Videos are provided courtesy of the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA).

Effort Reporting 

Effort Reporting is just Two Things:

Three Mantras of Effort:

Videos are provided courtesy of the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA).