Celebrating Awards

The Star Report

https://www.wpunj.edu/osp/star-report.htmlThe OSP's annual publication, "The Star Report," highlights grant awards received by the institution and its faculty. It also includes updates of recently completed programs that have received funding, as well as insights into funding trends across the globe and here at William Paterson University. While this serves as a look back at awarded funding, the OSP's bi-weekly Funding Opportunity Announcements highlight recently submitted proposals, as well as recently awarded grants.

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STAR Report Fall 2018 Cover

New Awards

William Kernan:  Passaic County Youth Tobacco Action Team Program

Dr. Kernan and United for Prevention in Passaic County Coalition will establish the Tobacco Prevention Youth Action Team for Passaic County, thanks to New Jersey Department of Health, Division of Community Health Services through a subaward from New Jersey Prevention Network (NJPN), for $20,000.

Nancy Norris-Bauer: NJ History Day 2019

This exciting statewide educational program encourages students to conduct historical research related to an annual theme and then present their research through poster presentations, essays, films, or dramatic presentations at regional and state competitions, held annually at WPU in May.  The New Jersey Historical Commission renewed its longstanding support of this project with a grant of $15,000.

Nancy Norris-Bauer and Bernadette: 21st Century Community Learning Center (Paterson Public Schools)

The College of Education will provide professional development workshops and support for Paterson teachers covering STEAM related content and pedagogy topics, thanks to the NJ Department of Education through a subaward from Paterson Public Schools, for $25,800.

Elizabeth Amaya-Fernandez: William Paterson University HERO Campaign

The HERO Campaign project will continue to educate and promote the importance of sober designated drivers, to our students, thanks to a grant from the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety for $15,000.

Bernadette Tiernan: Skills Partnership Grants: Construction, Finance, Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution (TLD) Consortiums

These projects will provide training assistance and certification for managers and employees of New Jersey based businesses in the areas of Construction, Finance, Transportation, Logistics, and Distribution Industries, thanks to multiple grants from the NJ Department of Labor & Workforce Development, totaling $263,100

Michael Griffiths: Biogeochemical Fingerprinting of the Megatoothed ("Megalodon") Shark: A Dual Study in Thermophysiological Evolution and Seawater Chemistry

This project uses isotopic 'fingerprinting' of teeth to reconstruct not only the body temperatures, but also dietary behavior and seawater chemistry of 'megalodon' and other shark species during the past 15 million years thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation for $257,595.

Kristen Evangelista: Celebrating the Legacy of Ben Shahn

The University Galleries will present an exhibition, related publication, and a community-based art project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Ben Shahn's passing (and also the 40th anniversary of the University Galleries) in 2019, thanks to a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts for $10,000.

Jane Stein: René Marie & Experiment in Truth

This project will help support the performance by Rene Marie and a Meet the Artist Interview session prior to the concert, scheduled during the Fall Semester, thanks to a grant from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation for $2,650.

Recent WP Funding Trends

WP has had great success over the years in obtaining external support for sponsored projects.  In FY2016, we received over $6,300,000 to support a variety of projects.  This chart compares the number of proposals that were submitted to awards that were active, which includes multi-year awards.  57% of proposals submitted in FY2016 have been funded.

Number of New and Continuing Awards by Unit FY2016

Value of New and Continuing Awards by Unit FY2016