Cost and Services

Billing Information

CHWC does not bill for Counseling Visits, Health Exams and most medications.

Students will be charged for any laboratory services provided (i.e. STI testing, throat cultures, etc.). Students can self-pay at the time of the testing or the laboratory companies will bill the insurance company directly.  There are some medical supplies and services that may have minimal costs. This includes but is not limited to; tuberculosis testing, pregnancy testing, emergency contraception, durable medical supplies and vaccines. You may pay by cash or your Pioneer Express. Payment is expected at time of service. We do receive payment for services for students who have Aetna Student Health.

All students are required to have medical insurance. Information about your student health insurance coverage can be found by visiting the Aetna Student Health website.  For general enrollment or waiver information, please visit WPU Student Health Insurance Plan Information

FAQ's on Insurance and Self-Pay Billing

  • Will I be charged for counseling appointments?
  • Do you offer X-ray services at CHWC?
  • If I need blood tests, how do I pay for them?
  • I am concerned about confidentiality and don’t want information about my medical status sent to my parents.