Performing and Literary Arts

2014 Performing and Literary Arts Students

The performing and Literary Arts Track is a cross-disciplinary program for students interested in one or more aspects of creative accomplishment.

About the Track 

Students may focus on any of the creative arts, such as creative writing (fiction, poetry, playwriting), film-making, music composition/performance, visual art, photography, acting - or any combination thereof such as visual art and writing, musical composition and writing, photography and poetry, etc. The outcome will be a completed artifact and a public performance, held on campus and open to the college community and the community-at-large.

As is true for the other tracks in the University Honors College, Performing and Literary Arts is not a major, but a distinctive set of courses that adds breadth to, and reinforces, a student's chosen major. With the approval of the Track Director, each student selects five courses to assist him/her in both the preparation of the creative project and the formal presentation thereof. One of the five courses will be the PLA Thesis course in the student's final year. During this course, the student will develop and complete his/her project.

What projects have students completed in the past?

Students in the Performing and Literary Arts Track have produced theses with the following titles:

  • Bria Barnes, An Original Anthology: Part One, 2015
  • Sarah Dinetz, Strung Along (novel excerpt), 2015
  • Eric Dolan The Art of the Interview, 2015
  • Greg Farkas, Adding Perspective, 2015
  • Joshua Forrest, One Song, Three Stories, 2015
  • Kelly Ginart, Coincidencias Excepcionales, 2015
  • Phillip Gorokhovsky, Life After William Paterson, 2015
  • Jennifer Hastings, Travel Log, 2015
  • Jason Krobatsch, Short Plays, 2015
  • Samuel Lowry, Welcome to Another World, 2015
  • Christine Marshall, Reap, 2015
  • Harry Metzler, Parkway Divides, 2015
  • Miguel Rodriguez, Life of Pi Suite- Music & Storytelling, 2015
  • Megan Stefanski, Witched, 2015
  • Meghan Triolo, A Collection of Thoughts Before Daybreak, 2015
  • Ryan Walsh, Eleven, 2015
  • Nicole Bernstein, Graceless, 2014
  • Christina Dellosso, Take Out the Trash, 2014
  • Ruti Frankel, The Unveiling, 2014
  • Catherine Matteucci, Charlie's Nightmare, 2014
  • Kara Peterson, A Different Kind A Novel, 2014
  • Brianna Rittinger, A Collection of Poems, 2014
  • J. M. Safranski, Blue Fear, 2014
  • Carrie Tolve, Caroline: The Story of a Crush, 2014
  • Stephan Bisaha, Tide A Radio Drama, 2013
  • Emilija Bitinaityte, The Sum of all Things, 2013
  • Brian Cornish, The Future of Jazz, 2013
  • Sarah Culp, The Six Wives A Libretto, 2013
  • John Demeski, Life and Character: A Collection of Short Stories, 2013
  • Michael Dorcelly, Our Neighbor's World, 2013
  • Peter Kennedy, Sketches, 2013
  • Elizabeth Masci, My Not-So-Euro-Chic European Holiday, 2013
  • Amanda McDonald, Stories of Mine, 2013
  • Bethany McMinn, Koti Parker, 2013
  • Philip Rasmussen, Adventures in Flight-Reflections on the Birth of an Album, 2013
  • Sandy Sainvil, I am Haitian, 2013
  • Caroline Sanchez, Some Kind of Fiction-A Collection of Short Stories, 2013
  • Erin Sterbinsky, Broadcasting Fables-A Poetry Collection, 2013
  • Pardis Shohrati, Lull Me Away, 2013
  • Cortney Wisbauer, The Purpose of Darkness, 2013
  • Alaina Blekicki, Take Me Away, 2012
  • Lauren Cucci, Group, 2012
  • Anthony Gabrielle, SNOAH, 2012
  • Nathan Giroux, A Study in the Composition of Literature and Music, 2012
  • Morgan Lawson, Hellbent, 2012
  • Melissa Mayer, Pieces of Me, 2012
  • Julie Minicozzi, The Benefit for Closure, 2012
  • Kristen Pettet, The Missing Piece, 2012
  • Jacqueline Segal, Annie and Cara Take on the Camp, 2012
  • Jenna Semeraro, Kiera's Big Move, 2012
  • Jessica Semeraro, Hopeless, 2012
  • Natalie DaSilva, Struggles of a Woman: A Collection of Short Stories and Screenplays, 2011
  • Kaci Higgins, Unexpected-A Novella, 2011
  • Travis McGrath, Awake and Dreaming: A Collection of Creative Non-Fiction, 2011
  • Dania Moheisen, It's This Thing…Called Life: The Story of a Palestinian American Muslim Girl Coming of Age, 2011
  • Holly Phillips, Touching Lives: A Collection of Short Stories, 2011
  • John Strevens, The Modern Man's Hustle, 2011
  • Pam Imhof, The Mysteries of Human Behavior -Paintings that Represent Literature, 2010
  • Patrick Hanan, Arachnid, 2009
  • Jessica Mongiello, Artful Expectations, 2009
  • Lindsay Tierstein, Seven Cycles, 2009
  • Phebe Varghese, Nothing Special-A Collection of Short Stories, 2009
  • David Molczyk, Fiction and the Super Natural, 2008
  • Lisa Paitchell, Judith-A Novella, 2007
  • Latoya Pinckney,, The Color of Dignity, 2005
  • Laura Sassano, Avenging the Hat, 2005
  • Dan Faraguna, Loss of the Moment, 2004
  • Chantel Phipany, Random Days, 2004
  • Kevin Thomas, Gypsy & The Lost Treasure: A Play for Children, 2003
  • Lisbeth Cobas, To Hell with Dante and Forward, 1992
  • Kyle Allen, In God's Country
  • Erica Caine, Sepia's Song-A Musical
  • Rumki Chowdhury, Her Perfect Chime
  • Philip Donchevich, Our Father-A Collection of Essays
  • Remi Groner, I, Candidate
  • Lori Haddix, Ilsilab
  • Peter Helff, About Time: A Short Collection of Writings
  • Frank Herbert, Dune-A Novel
  • Lori Michael, Vagabond Visions
  • Rachel Kaplan, Rain
  • Paloma Kelly, The Cosplay Curse
  • Terry McGahan, Merry Street
  • Jillian Mulderig, The Fine Mingling
  • Phoebe North, Nostalgia: A Mixed-Tape in Memories
  • Jessica Pepe, With Heartfelt Serenity
  • Jennifer Smith, Her Love: Women in Myth, Legend and Fairy Tale-A Fiction Collection
  • Amy Van Druten, The Redemption of a Teenage Nobody
  • James Van Wyck, Chains: Fit for Mercy
  • Karin Diann Williams, Justine-A Comedy

How do I enroll?

To enroll in the Performing and Literary Arts Track, contact the Director, Dr. Philip Cioffari, at (973) 720-3053 or at You could also contact Jan Pinkston at (973) 720-3776 or at A completed track application must also be submitted to the Honors College. 

About the Track Director:

Philip Cioffari is the author of three books of fictions: the mystery/thriller, Catholic Boys; the short story collection, A HISTORY OF THINGS LOST OR BROKEN, which won the Tartt Fiction Prize and the D.H. Lawrence Awards for fiction; and, most recently, JESUSVILLE. His short stories have been published widely in commercial and literary magazines and anthologies, including North American Review, Playboy, Michigan Quarterly Review, Northwest Review, Florida Fiction, and Southern Humanities Review. He has written and directed for Off and Off-Off Broadway. His Indie feature film, which he wrote and directed, LOVE IN THE AGE OF DION, had won numerous awards, including Best Feature Film at the Long Island Int’l Film Expo, and Best Director at the NY Independent Film &Video Festival. He is a Professor of English, and director of the Performing and Literary Arts Honors Track, at William Paterson University.