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Explorations 2019

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OSP Newsletter: The Star Report

Fall 2018 

Congratulations to all FY2018 Award Recipients!  This issue of The Star Report includes awards and highlights from FY18, an article about Dr. Nagle’s cross-disciplinary project, “Slumber Underground:” Using art to create empathy with Nature, IRB CITI Training Certification Program Updates, and information regarding our Webinar Wednesday Series. 

STAR Report Fall 2018 Cover


IRB Updates:

New - CITI Courses Modified to be more effectively responsive to the needs of investigators using human subjects.  Click here for more information.

New - Form for Undergraduate and Master's Degree Protocol Form (Appendix C) (MS Word)

New - Guidance on the Safe Storage and Management of Research Data



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We would love to hear your thoughts on Explorations 2019!

Please take a quick survey at:

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Recently Submitted Proposals

Jonathan Foley College of Science and Health Submitted Cavity-enhanced Solar Absorbers/Emitters, to US Department of Energy through a subaward from Argonne National Laboratory, with a total request of $32,733.

Recently Submitted Proposals

James Arnone, College of Science and Health Submitted RUI: Characterization of Gene Regulatory Mechanisms Coordinating the Expression of Functional Clusters in Budding Yeast, to the National Science Foundation, with a total request of $292,669.

Recently Submitted Proposals

Lucia McMahon, College of Humanities and Social Sciences Submitted Connections at the Crossroads: Voices of War, Past and Present to the National Endowment for the Humanities, with a total request of $100,000.

Course for Students: 
Human Subject Research

CITI Program Course Flyer

The William Paterson University Institutional Review Board, supported by the CITI Program, is now offering a course specifically designed to introduce students to the use of human subjects in research.  The course is appropriate for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral degree students.  Information on how faculty might use this to support their courses and how students would register and complete it are on the IRB web page.