Tuition Waivers

Tuition Waivers

Employee Waiver
Senior Citizen Waiver
National Guard Tuition Waiver

Unemployment Tuition Waivers

Unemployment Tuition Waivers are processed by Student Enrollment Services located in Morrison Hall.  For questions regarding eligibility and registration, please contact Joan Baguidy at  Please use the link below to access the deadline dates and for more information regarding the Unemployment Tuition Waiver Policy.  To download the application, click on this link Institutional Application for Unemployed Tuition Waiver.

• A $20.00 tuition waiver processing fee will be assessed to the student’s account every semester, and must be paid along any other outstanding balances prior to the start of a future semester so that the waiver can be applied for that term. Failure to do so will result in your application for the waiver being denied.
• Students must register on the specified registration dates. Early registration and permits of classes will result in your application for the waiver being denied.
• Enrollment is limited to available classroom space.
• Students are not permitted to get an override into classes that are closed.
• Fees not applicable to waiver: tuition waiver processing fee, application fee, enrollment deposit, orientation fee, late payment fee, lab fee, insurance, housing, distance learning, parking, and student teaching. Additional fees may not be covered.

Unemployment Waiver

Graduate Assistantship Waivers

For information regarding Graduate Assistant waivers, click on the link below to access the Graduate Assistantship web page.

Graduate Assistantship Waiver