Winter Session

Enrolled and visiting students may enroll in one of over 55 online courses during the winter session. William Paterson offers 2, 3, and 4 credit courses during the session.

  • It is recommended that only students who have previously taken online courses enroll for the Online Winter Session.
  • On-line undergraduate visiting student and graduate non-degree admissions applications may be submitted through December 18, 2020.  Registration ends at 4:30 pm on Monday, December 21, 2020.
  • Registration begins April 9, 2020 for current WPU students.
  • Registration begins April 22, 2020 for undergraduate visiting students from other institutions and graduate non-degree students.
  • Students may register through December 21, 2020.
  • Classes run from December 28, 2020 through January 17, 2021 and are open to current William Paterson students and visiting students from other colleges.
  • Visiting students who wish to take Winter courses can apply at the link below. Questions should be directed to the Office of Admissions (973.720.2125) for further details.
  • Applications for those students who are not William Paterson University students must be received and completed by December 18, 2020.

Admitted Students: Register Here

Visiting Students: Apply Now

Visiting students who register for the Winter Session will receive an e-Statement on July 7, 2020.  Once the new tuition and fee rates are available for the 2020-2021 academic year in July 2020, you can view the rates on the Student Accounts' web page.

Admitted students who register for the Winter Session will receive an e-Statement on October 14, 2020.

Click on the course name below to view the class syllabus [in pdf format]. All courses are three credits unless otherwise noted, click here to view the schedule of fees. All Winter courses are offered on-line and will be assessed a Distance Learning Fee of $120 per course.

Course outlines/syllabi will be available on May 1st or sooner.


COMM 1200-80, Media and Society - A. Staff
COMM 2340-80, Film as a Medium - Chriss Williams


ACCT 2120-80, Managerial Accounting - A. Staff

Finance and Economics
ECON 2020-80, Microeconomic Principles - Priya Nagaraj
ECON 2100-80, Business Statistics I - Alexandros Panayides
ECON 2110-80, Business Statistics II - Chuanqian Zhang
ECON 2110-82, Business Statistics II - John Malindretos
ECON 3100-80, Money and Banking - A. Staff
ECON 4280-80, Healthcare Economics - Rahi Abouk (cross-listed with NUR 4280)
FIN 3200-80, Corporate Finance - Fuchun Cai
FIN 4450-80, Finance Information Systems - Ge Zhang

Management and Marketing
BAN 7100-80, Data Warehousing/Mining - Robert Koob
MGT 2000-80, Principles of Management - Mahmoud Watad
MGT 3050-80, Management Information Systems - Solomon Nyaanga
MGT 3090-80, International Management - Ali Mir

MGT 3550-80, Values, Ethics, and Sustainability - Jorge Arevalo
MGT 4310-80, Production and Operations Management - Andrey Kretinin
MGT 4600-80, Bus Strategy/Policy - Ana Cristina Siqueira
MGT 7040-80, Human Resource Management - Stephen Betts
MKT 2100-80, Principles of Marketing - Rajiv Kashyap 
MKT 4820-80, Marketing Management- Bela Florenthal
MKT 7880-80, Global Marketing - Chen-Ho Chao


TBED 5400-80, History of Bilingualism and Bilingual Education in the U.S.- A. Staff

Elementary Education
CIED 2050-80, Foundations of Bilingual and Multicultural EducationDavid Fuentes

Special Education and Counseling
SPC 5730-80, Literacy: Advanced Instructional Content and Strategies- A. Staff
SPC 5850-80, Co-teaching & Collaboration in Special Education - A. Staff


Criminal Justice
CCJ 3670-80 Juvenile Delinquency - A. Staff

ENG 3000-80, Technical Writing - Liane Robertson
ENG 3060-80, Literature of Western Europe: Renaissance-Modern - Judith Broome

Geography and Urban Science
GEO 3200-80, Cultural Geography - Monica Nyamwange
URBN 2010-80, Intro to Urban Studies- Thomas Owusu

HIST 1050-80, The Modern World - Jason Ambroise
HIST 3270-80, America World PowerGeorge Macleod
HIST 3270-88, America World PowerGeorge Macleod

Liberal Studies
LBST 2500-80, LBST and Community Engagement - A. Staff
LBST 2500-88, LBST and Community Engagement - A. Staff

Political Science
POL 1150-80, Power, Justice & Freedom - A. Staff

PSY 3500-80, Theories of Personalities - Megan Chesin
PSY 3540-80, Psychology of Learning - Bruce Diamond
PSY 4800-80, Seminar in Psychology - Kate Makarec (by permission only)

SOC 1010-80, Principles of Sociology - A. Staff
SOC 1020-80, Social Problems - A. Staff
SOC 2310-80, Sociology of the Family - A. Staff
SOC 3670-80, Juvenile Delinquency - A. Staff

Women's and Gender Studies
WGS 1800-80, Gendered Lives & Societies - A. Staff

WGS 2080-80, Female Icons - A. Staff


BIO 3450-80, Conservation Biology - A. Staff

Communication Disorders
CODS 6120-80 Communication Disorders In Schools - A. Staff


MATH 1100-80, Contemporary Mathematics - David Nacin
MATH 1150-80, College Algebra - Maria Vega Veglio
MATH 1160-80, Precalculus - Cihan Karabulut
MATH 1170-80, Business Math - Donna Fengya
MATH 1300-80, Elementary Statistics - David Miller

NUR 4280-80, Healthcare Economics, (cross-listed with ECON 4280) - A. Staff (cross-listed with ECON 4280)
NUR 4290-80, Dimensions of Public Health - A. Staff

Public Health
PBHL 1100-80, Healthy U - Corey Basch
PBHL 2200-80, Stress Management - William Kernan
PBHL 2210-80, Nutrition - Michele Grodner

PBHL 2900-80, Human SexualityAleksandr Kecojevic

PBHL 3190-80, Disability and Public HealthZoe Erwin

PHYS 1700-80, General Astronomy - Song Chung