Proposal Review and Approval

The review of all grant proposals to Federal or State agencies, private foundations and corporate foundations or giving programs, or other funding programs, for projects that involve the University must be approved by the University prior to mailing. Proposals that request funds or provide matching funds for staff, equipment, travel, project supplies, stipends for students, or honoraria for speakers, and other related costs must be reviewed and approved by the University.

Exclusions: (1) Projects which are developed and submitted under auspices of the Office of Institutional Advancement. (2) Proposals for fellowships or other awards that will not require release time, matching time/expenses, or otherwise distract the applicant from their normal responsibilities to the University (e.g. a summer research fellowship).

The WPUNJ review process is as follows:

1. Read and understand the submission requirements of the funder: date due, number of copies required, or if the proposal must be submitted electronically. Contact Martin Williams, Director, Office of Sponsored Programs, in the early stages of the development of your proposal (ext. 2852 or Email) to insure that all you questions and concerns are answered and that he is aware that a proposal will be forthcoming. Often holidays, the University schedule and individual vacation schedules must be factored into the review timetable.

2. Prepare a "proposal review packet" that includes: (1) the WPUNJ Proposal Approval Sheet, (open version in Word or as .PDF) (2) a nearly final draft narrative, (3) final budget forms and justification, (4) completed proposal cover sheet ready for the Provost or President to sign, and (5) a copy of the proposal guidelines.

3. Submit the proposal review packet first to your department chair or director for review and approval. Allow sufficient time for them to review and comment on the proposal and for you to incorporate those changes before you move to the next step in the review process.

4. Then deliver the proposal review packet at least ten (10) days before the proposal due date to the Office of Sponsored Programs, Raubinger Hall 107.

  • The OSP will review and approve the proposal, coordinate the reviews by Business Services and the Provost's Office, insure that all forms are properly signed and dated, and then work with you in preparing the final packet for submission to the funding agency.
  • Editing can continue on the proposal narrative--but not the budget--until it is time to photocopy, assemble, and mail the proposal--often suggestions are offered by the OSP or the Provost Office that must be incorporated before the proposal is mailed.