Important Dates and Information

Fall Semester Closings 

Thanksgiving Break 

All residence halls close for Thanksgiving Break on Wednesday, November 24th at 6:00pm.  Any student who is not in a 9-month housing contract must make arrangements to leave campus for break.  

All residence halls re-open from Thanksgiving Break on Sunday, November 28th at 12:00pm.  Students may return to their residence hall at any time after 12:00pm.  

Students are expected to take home all personal belongings that they will need during the break, as access to the residence halls during the break period is not permitted. 

Fall Semester Closing 

All residence halls close for the fall semester on Friday, December 10th at 6pm.  Any student who is not in a 9-month housing contract must make arrangements to leave campus for break.  

Students need to follow the procedures sent via email and posted in the residence halls regarding break closing.  

Any student with questions can reach out to the Residence Life staff in their hall or contact the Office of Residence Life at 973-720-2714. 

2021 - 2022 Frequently Asked Questions

What will the residential experience be like on campus?

It is our responsibility to continue to monitor the impact that COVID-19 is having in our local and regional community and make decisions and adjustments as needed.  The Office of Residence Life will continue to follow the recommendations and guidelines of the State of New Jersey, the Center for Disease Control and other guiding organizations.  Information about health and safety protocols and expectations will be provided to students via email, as well as posted throughout the residence halls.  

All members of our residential communities will be expected to follow the established policies and procedures to ensure that we do all we can to keep everyone safe and healthy.  

Will students have to wear face masks in the residence halls?

Due to recent updated guidance related to COVID-19, all residential students will be required to wear a face mask while in the residence hall public/common areas.  This includes, but is not limited to, when entering the building, when in hallways or elevators and/or when utilizing and common shared spaces that are open for use by students. 

What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19 who lives in the residence halls?

The quarantine and isolation procedures for this academic year have been updated and can be found in the Housing Addendum available to students via their ResCenter portal.   

Will students be allowed to have guests for the fall semester?

Due to the recent guidance received, residential students will not be permitted to have any outside guests/visitors. Resident students will only be permitted to have one resident from another residence hall signed in at a time. All residential guests must be signed in and leave their WPU ID card at the front desk while visiting.  

Will students have roommates?

Students will be assigned to mostly double spaces for the fall semester.  Any triple occupancy requests for first year students will be considered, but not guaranteed.  Students will also be assigned to single rooms based upon approved accommodation requests from the Accessibility Resource Center.  Elective singles are limited and will be offered to students who have expressed interest being placed in an elective single based upon the order of the waiting list. 

When will students be notified of their housing assignment?

Student housing assignment information is available in ResCenter.  Please continue to check your ResCenter portal for updates.  

When is move-in?  What will the move-in process be?

Move in for the fall semester will take place over 3 days, in which a limited number of students from each building will be allowed to move in during each move in timeframe.  Move in will take place Sunday, August 22nd through Tuesday, August 24th.  There will be three timeframes; morning timeframe (10am to 12pm), an afternoon timeframe (1:30pm to 3:30pm) and an evening timeframe (5:30pm to 7:30pm) that students will be able to sign up for via email that they receive from Residence Life.  Timeslots will be limited for each day/time and are available on a first come, first served basis. 

Will students be allowed to go home/leave campus?

Students will be permitted to go home/leave campus.  We understand that many students have academic related courses that have practicum, clinical or internship components.  In addition, we understand that many of our students have employment that will require them to leave campus. Outside of academic and work commitments, we are asking student to minimize leaving campus for non-essential purposes. 

Will the common areas/shared kitchens be open for students to use?

Most common areas in the residence halls will be open this fall for student use, although some may have limited capacities.  The Office of Residence Life will take into consideration the guidance of the State of New Jersey, the Center for Disease Control and other guiding higher education authorities regarding usage of common area spaces in the residence halls.  Information will be posted throughout the residence halls informing students regarding the usage of specific spaces in each residence hall. 

Living on Campus

Housing is still available for students for this fall semester.  Students who are interested in housing, but have not yet submitted a housing application and housing deposit are encouraged to do so as soon as possible.  Please click on here to apply.