Payment Plans

Tuition Installment Plan


The Tuition Installment Plan (TIP) enables students or their families to pay interest-free monthly installments on their account toward their tuition, fees, room and board expenses. Enrollment is quick, easy and affordable for students and families.

Many students and families find monthly installments more manageable than one lump payment each semester. The installment plan is not a loan. Therefore, there are no credit checks. It is available for the fall and spring semesters and for the summer session. This payment plan is not available for the winter session. You can schedule automatic monthly payments right from your personal checking or savings account. Students need to enroll each semester for the payment plan. There is a small enrollment fee of $25 each semester. Late payments may result in additional fees of $50 per month.


The TIP plan is available for the 2019 Summer Session.  You must be registered and have charges on your account to enroll in the TIP plan. You can enroll directly on-line in the Bill+Payment Center at To log in, please enter your student-id# [855#] as your University ID and your student PIN. Your default PIN is your birthday (mmddyy) unless you changed it.  If you need assistance logging in, please contact the HELP desk at 973-720-HELP during office hours. Select "Enroll in a Payment Plan". 

Authorized Users:

The student can authorize a parent or third party to view their billing statement, enroll in TIP and pay bills on-line by going to the Bill+Payment Student Account Center. The student must click "Authorized User" to set up a parent or third party for access.

Summer 2019 TIP Options: 

Enrollment period: April 10 - May 24            
Number of total payments: 2
1st payment due at time of enrollment   
2nd payment: 6/24/19


If you plan to enroll in TIP, you must enroll on or before your payment due date to secure your class schedule.  Once you enroll in TIP, you can disregard the payment due date that appears on your billing statement since your payments will be made monthly. 


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